Reporter Covering Amona Finds Own Children Protesting Expulsion


Shabtai Bendt, reporter for Walla!, went up the mountain to cover the Amona expulsion – and was surprised to find his own two children Rachel and Yehuda fighting against the destruction of the village, Arutz Sheva reports.

In a personal column Bendt shares with his readers the conflicting feelings between his journalistic work on the mountain and concern for the safety of his children. “I girded myself with the journalistic regalia, complete with the headphone and microphone, and began to work – all the while the constant grating at the back of my thoughts: ‘What’s happening with the children?’ To my great relief, out of the corner of my eye I saw Rachel walking around the outpost quite a bit, so I felt a little in control, but as for Yehuda – neither she nor I had any idea what was going on with him. After the forces arrived and entered the outpost, the loudspeaker announced for everyone to enter their homes and barricade themselves, and I was looking for a house to enter and cover from the inside.

“But then, to my surprise, I found Yehuda in the house among the dozens of protesters. We exchanged glances, but it was important for me to give him space and not pester him with questions and arguments and such. At first they just sat and sang, but when the troops approached, I noticed that he and the young man next to him had handcuffed themselves to each other. I panicked, but probably due to the fact that I was busy all the time reporting – I succeeded in not get getting too stressed out.” Read more of Bendt’s account at Arutz Sheva.



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