Report: WhatsApp Vulnerable to Snooping


According to a new Guardian report, Facebook’s encrypted mobile-messaging service WhatsApp is vulnerable to government snooping. The app has long been touted as one that protects users’ privacy, but according to the report, a security backdoor has been discovered in the program’s end-to-end encryption protocol.

The service centers around unique security codes “that are traded and verified between users to guarantee communications are secure and cannot be intercepted by a middleman,” however, the report revealed, the app can generate new encryption keys for offline users “unbeknown to the sender and recipient of the messages”—effectively providing a way in for snoops. Read more at THE GUARDIAN.



  1. Are you suggesting that big government is overreaching once again? That we, as taxpayers have absolutely no privacy whatsoever? Must we be concerned that the Thought Police might come and arrest us for texting something hateful/racist? What ever happened to the first ammendment? Are we slaves/puppets to the corrupt government? Who the hell are they?

  2. עַיִן רוֹאָה וְאֹזֶן שׁוֹמַעַת, וְכָל מַעֲשֶׂיךָ בַסֵּפֶר נִכְתָּבִין
    Pirkei Avos 2:1


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