Report: US Gives Israel Go-Ahead To Kill Powerful Iranian General


US intelligence agencies have given Israel the green light to assassinate the senior Iranian responsible for coordinating military activity on behalf of the Islamic Republic in Lebanon, Syria and Iraq, according to the Kuwaiti newspaper al-Jarida.

The source was quoted by the paper as saying that Soleimani’s assassination would serve both countries’ interests and that US authorities have given Israel the go-ahead to carry it out. Read more at Times of Israel.





  1. Of course the US agrees .why not?
    This is FAKE NEWS! If Israel had or has the ability to carry it out then they will do it.
    You think they will advertise it??

  2. Can someone please explain to me why something like this would be publicized? Why tip him off – just do it with no fanfare. It’s got to be fake news if it is leaked like that.

    • Because a few years ago when they were going to assassinate him the obamanation tipped off the iranians because he wanted to kiss Iran’s fuhrers tuches to get his deal

  3. Maybe it was announced to make that general to scare the daylights out of him. Then it will be harder for him to continue to give out orders as general.


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