Report: UN To Offer Livni Senior Post In Exchange For US Approving Fayyad Appointment


United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres offered Israeli politician Tzipi Livni a senior position in the international body over the weekend in a move seen as a way to obtain US approval for the appointment of former Palestinian Prime Minister Salam Fayyad to head a UN mission, Maan News reports, quoting Haaretz.

Livni, a leader of the Zionist Union party, was offered a position as one of Guterres’ under-secretary-generals, pending approval by the UN Security Council.

Livni’s office has denied that any “official offer” had been received, Maan reports.

The move comes two days after US Ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley said that the US was “disappointed” by the selection of Fayyad to head the UN mission to Libya, claiming that the move was proof of the UN’s bias against US ally Israel, and indicating that the US could use its veto against Fayyad’s nomination.

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  1. Seriously? Livni? Couldnt they choose someone else? Livni admitted that if she would have been elected pm she would have agreed to every single demand from the arabs. Meaning a militarized state, billions of shekels in ‘reperations’, all in the name of peace. Stupid liberals dont have an inkling of reality.

  2. Israel would be stupid to fall for this trap. Don’t legitemize this fake organization called the “UN”. This biased anti-Semitic group just wants to pretend that even Israel has a representative so that people should stop bashing them (and we all know how well Livni represents the true Israeli interests).


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