Report: Trump To Endorse Gingrich Tomorrow In Nevada


gingrich-trumpAre you ready for a “major announcement”? Team Trump won’t say what it is except that it’s related to the race, but KLAS in Vegas says he’s going all in for Newt.

An advisor to Donald Trump says he will make a major announcement in Las Vegas tomorrow. Sources tell the 8 News NOW I-Team Trump will endorse Newt Gingrich…

Gingrich enters the Nevada Caucus after getting beat by Mitt Romney in Florida. He has spent the day in campaigning in Reno.

Supposedly he was being lobbied to endorse Romney, but why would he do that? Gingrich is the one who’s playing the “angry populist” role that Trump briefly rode to frontrunner status last year. Gingrich also committed to that reality-show debate that Trump was going to host for Newsmax; Romney’s the one who passed on it, leading to its eventual cancellation. And of course, if Trump is still serious about possibly running as an independent – which I doubt, but he’s pretending to be – then he can’t endorse the likely nominee. If he did and Romney held on to win, what would be the pretext by which Trump decides to run himself? By backing Newt, he preserves his “outsider” shtick while positioning himself to fill the vacuum if/when Gingrich finally calls it quits.

Can’t wait to hear Newt explain how excited he is to have the endorsement of a guy who ostentatiously left the party last month.

{Hot Newscenter}


  1. Wow, what an impressive, serious core of backers Gingrich is building: First Palin, Perry and Cain, and now Trump! Wow. With such informed, deep thinkers telling me whom to vote for, why should I need to think myself?
    I mean, you can’t find a group of people who have shown themselves to seriously know what they’re talking about than Palin, Perry, Cain and Trump. Wow. I wish my state’s primary were today so I could just run out and vote for Gingrich because I’m so intellectually inspired.


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