Report: Trump Still Uses His Unsecured Android Phone To Tweet


President Trump is still tweeting from his old Android phone in the White House, even after being given a new, secure device just before his inauguration, according to a report in The New York Times, Computer World reports.

That revelation stirred some strong negative reactions from three mobile security analysts contacted on Thursday. Two of those analysts said using the older Android device only for tweeting doesn’t necessarily pose a national security risk, but they questioned what else he might be doing with that Android device that could pose such risks.

“If all that President Trump does with that Android phone is tweet, then it’s not a [security] problem,” said Roger Entner, a long-time analyst on mobile and security matters at Recon Analytics. “If he does more than that, then it becomes a significant problem especially if the Android phone travels with the President overseas.” Read more at Computer World.


  1. If. If. If. Lying mainstream media will only pull at highly unlikely scenarios which cast the President in a bad light.

    They really need to get over it. The President has accomplished more in seven days than his predecessor did in eight years.


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