Report: Trump ‘Snubbed’ by Prince Charles and Prince William


Prince William and Prince Charles both declined to meet with President Trump during his visit to the UK last week, according to The Sunday Times of London.

Their apparent reluctance left Queen Elizabeth II as the lone member of the royal family to meet the Trumps at Windsor Castle on Friday. “They simply refused to attend. It’s a very, very unusual thing for the Queen to be there on her own. Usually she is accompanied by somebody,” a source was quoted as telling the newspaper.

Charles reportedly opted to attend a police event instead, while William took part in a charity polo match. Downing Street and Buckingham Palace have said the plan was always for the Queen to meet with Trump and First Lady Melania Trump alone, but a Whitehall official was quoted as saying Trump’s interactions with the Queen were “kept to a bare minimum” and members of the royal family were “not as enthusiastic as they were when Obama came over.” Read more at THE SUNDAY TIMES OF LONDON.



  1. Much better for President Trump NOT to meet those snobs in the palace that’ll soon be destroyed by Muslims. Who do they think they are anyhow? Descendant of Queen Elizabeth and Prince Phillip who have been found guilty of crimes against humanity by the International Common Law Court of Justice in Brussels in May 2014. Nothing to be proud about.

    Most Jews have lost all respect for the anti-Semitic William after he refused to meet the Mayor of Jerusalem in Jerusalem several weeks ago.

    • Oy vey, the sheeple here will go wild with your conspiiiiiracies and will beg Snopes to fabricate some refutation.

  2. They’ll be singing a different tune the next time they need our help financially and militarily.
    William goes where his government tells him to go. Snubbing Nir Barkat was their idea not his. Nir Barkat got what he deserves. He has snubbed and flouted halacha on many occasions. If he can snub Hamelech Malchei Hamalachim, he can be snubbed by a human prince.

  3. The U.K. Should send these stiff fools flying. Zero accomplishments or talents. Just boring fools that live and breath Ancient Etiquette not in sync with the 21st-century. People are foolishly paying about a dollar a year to the royal family. For what? so they could prance around in there purim costumes disillusioned from the realities of the world? They zero power. Bunch of old-fashioned anti- semites . With royal blood that trace their lineage to murderers and gangsters that terrorizedthe world. I can’t for the life of me understand what the fascination with these bacons are.

  4. Wait until their immigration policy blows up in their face and there are more immigrants than there are English citizens. What will the Queen and her ensemble do??? When she goes so will England go with her for all of her family are socialists in the highest order and with the immigrants slowly filling up England will there be an England and who will they call to say help???

  5. Bye bye Ms. America thighs. Trump has put too many on stage.

    If this solemn group wishes not to Mr. Trump, he can look at the pageant world he created. There is illicit set.

    Thinking best cuss and spit. Its a lip.

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