Report: To Secure Iran Nuclear Deal, Obama Admin Derailed Probe of Hezbollah’s Global Drug Network


The Obama administration allowed the Lebanese terror organization Hezbollah to traffic drugs and launder money, in some cases within the US, during its bid to secure the July 2015 nuclear deal with Iran, Politico reported on Monday.

The report revealed that the Obama team deliberately derailed a law enforcement investigation, dubbed Project Cassandra, launched in 2008 by the US Drug Enforcement Administration to target Iranian-backed Hezbollah’s criminal network.

Some 30 US and foreign security agencies were involved in the undercover operation to map Hezbollah’s drug smuggling operations. The investigation tracked Hezbollah-controlled shipments of cocaine from Latin America to West Africa, and through Europe, the Middle East, and the US.

As the operation managed to infiltrate the highest levels of the terror group’s hierarchy, the Obama administration created obstacles to hinder the investigation.

“This was a policy decision, it was a systematic decision,” David Asher, a veteran illicit finance expert who helped establish and run Project Cassandra, told Politico. “They serially ripped apart this entire effort that was very well supported and resourced, and it was done from the top down.”

The Obama administration’s move was an effort to “defang, defund and undermine the investigations that were involving Iran and Hezbollah,” Asher claimed.




  1. Please don’t disparage our first African American President. If he was white, you would never make such outrageous accusations. This report is based solely on racial hatred. Terrible shame. Chillul Hashem.

    • You obviously have a problem getting a grip on reality. Yes President Obama was one of the most corrupt presidents ever. Maybe one day you will pull your head out of the sand.

    • are you serious. and whats the chillel hashem. when it comes to trump you and your freinds, yoneson etc etc, you bavash him with all dirty names, when it to this soine yisroel(remember the last act against israel) all of a sudden.

    • How sad that I didn’t realize if you were serious or not….Only when i looked more carefully who wrote this that I realized it is serious. What gets into the minds of these liberals where they can see no evil in liberal politician. It’s like a spiritual demon possesses them and strips them from any seichel whatsoever. Simply amazing.

  2. Gadolhadorah, you had better been commenting ‘tongue-in-cheek! If the accusations bear fruit then he should sit in jail. He torpedoed Israel’s security by legitimizing the Iranins quest to build nukes. He turned a blind eye when Israel’s enemies developed the deadliest weaponry with which to annihilate Israel and Jews and you’re worried about hurting his feelings!!! Do you remember when he left Netanyahu to sit alone for 90 minutes during an invited vusit while he mockingly went up for dinner with his rashanta Michelle and the girls?
    SHAME ON HIM is right and shame on us for electing him –
    not once but twice!


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