Report: Sudan Claims Capture of Israeli Spy


sudans-national-intelligence-and-security-servicesSudan’s National Intelligence and Security Services have arrested a man they claim spied on behalf of Israel, Khartoum-based newspaper Al-Intibaha reported on Shabbos.

According to Al-Intibaha, “Sudan has been tracking Israel’s espionage activities for a long time, especially among Sudanese who had fled to Israel and then returned to South Sudan and neighboring countries.”

Al- Intibaha said the captured spy provided Israel with valuable information that allowed it to perform several secret operations across Port Sudan. The Khartoum-based news outlet specified April 2011, May 2012 and October 2012 as dates when Israel targeted suspected weapons smugglers.

Earlier this month, Israeli Naval commandos intercepted an Iranian ship in the Red Sea loaded with missiles en route to terror groups in the Gaza Strip. The boat, named KLOSC was heading to Sudan, 1,500 miles from Israel.

Another local newspaper, the Sudan Times, noted that IDF Chief of Staff Benny Gantz confirmed last week the long held suspicion that Israel conducts covert operations in neighboring countries.

During a presentation at an Israeli high school, the IDF’s top soldier said that, “Israel is capable of operating inside of any area code, including Iran’s.”

“The Israeli Air Force is wherever we need it to be. [IDF soldiers] are currently engaged in dozens of various clandestine activities, some which are taking place as we speak,” Gantz added.


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