Report: State Prosecutor In Favor Of Indicting Prime Minister


The State Prosecution has recommended indicting the Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu for bribery in at least two of corruption cases that have ensnared him dubbed Case 2,000 and Case 4,000.

Hadashot reported that Case 4000 presents a “clear case of bribery” while Cases 2000 and 1000 are incidents of “bribery lite”.

The final decision to be made by the Attorney General Avichai Mandelblit will come in the next few months with deliberations set to begin in the coming days, State Prosecutor Shai Nitzan revealed on Wednesday. Mandelblit will discuss “the complex ethical and legal issues that arise from these cases based on the opinions he will hear in order to make a decision,” according to Nitzan.

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  1. Fascist-liberals are the same all over the world. Using a hypocritical two tiered “justice” system to silence political opposition.


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