Report: Some Newark Liberty Airport Screeners Engage In Racial Profiling


newark-airportFederal officials took steps to retrain a special unit of screeners at Newark Liberty International Airport after allegations arose that some were frequently engaging in racial profiling, according to a published report.Citing internal federal and Transportation Security Administration documents, the Star-Ledger of Newark reports some behavior detection officers – allegedly at the direction of their managers – routinely targeted Mexican or Dominican passengers.

The newspaper says the practice was widespread, lasting from early 2008 to late 2009, when investigators began probing the issue. A TSA spokeswoman said the agency opposes racial profiling and that the situation in Newark had been addressed.

Behavior detection officers are only supposed to focus on nervous, erratic or evasive gestures or speech by passengers. Managers cited in the reports denied racial profiling occurred.

{CBS Local/ Newscenter}


  1. It is interesting to note, I just flew back and forth for one day . At the airport when going through security, every frum person (9) in total were searched and patted down. Both elderly and women. You talk about profiling?

  2. TSA at the worker level does not understand the difference between behavior profiling and racial profiling.

    The former works, and has been used successfully by the Israelis for decades.

    The latter is stupid.

  3. Ye racial profiling happens everywhere thats how they get the bad people. Frum people get put aside ALL THE TIME!

  4. Racial Profiling is wrong. Criminal Profiling is a correct and proper procedure. If there is a propensity of a certain demographic to engage in a certain illicit behavior (FOR EXAMPLE ONLY ‘drug running Dominicans or Mexicans’), profile away! Selecting people to screen at random -or based on race alone (FOR EXAMPLE ONLY ‘Chassidishe grandmothers with blond wigs’) is a waste of resources.


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