Report: Smartwatch Documented Murder Of Missing Journalist In Saudi Consulate


The Turkish newspaper Sabah has reported that the journalist Jamal Khasshogi, who was murdered in Istanbul, had entered the Saudi consulate with an Apple iWatch smartwatch that documented his interrogation and murder.

According to the report, Khasshogi first approached the consul’s room and was then dragged by two senior intelligence officers to a second room where he was interrogated and tortured until he was murdered and his body was dismembered.

The Saudis realized that he had recorded only at a later stage and managed to erase only some of the files. His phone remained with his fiancee, who transferred the phone to  Turkish security forces.

Read more at Arutz Sheva.



  1. I gather many Matzav readers have little or no clue what a watch and a phone have to do with one another, let alone what this terrible act has to do with “The Jewish World” or why this news item needs to be “at our fingertips.” Please enlighten us.

  2. Turkey reveals that it has audio-video of what happened inside the consulate thus telling the world that they spy on and in foreign consulates. In order to undo the damage they then say the audio came from a Apple iWatch. Don’t buy it. They said they had video; iWatch doesn’t record video!

  3. Deep State at it again? They tried 1/2 year ago in Syria with chemical weapons and President Trump played along smartly. Will the President fall for their ruse now?

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