Report: Russian Hackers ‘Shaking Down’ U.S. Liberals


Russian computer hackers have allegedly turned their eye toward shaking down U.S. progressive groups, in a wave of attacks that aim to find embarrassing details about members and then use the information to demand hush money, according to a new report in Bloomberg News.

The FBI and private security firms are reportedly investigating a rash of attacks that have resulted in liberal groups facing extortion attempts in the months following the presidential election. The hackers have allegedly sent ransom demands along with samples of sensitive data and emails they uncovered. Some groups have paid the ransoms, which have varied from $30,000 to $150,000, according to the report. Read more at BLOOMBERG.



  1. During the days of the USSR, ‘progressive’ groups would regularly be funneled millions of $ under the table obviously in order to weaken the US

    The ultimate comeuppance


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