Report: Rep. Steve King Mulling Bill To Repeal Everything Obama Has Signed


rep-steve-king-r-iowaRep. Steve King (R-Iowa), an outspoken critic of just about everything President Obama supports, is considering introducing a bill that would repeal everything Obama has signed into law.

King put forward this suggestion to an Iowa audience on Tuesday, when he also reiterated his threat to sue the Obama administration for its June decision not to deport younger illegal immigrants. Under that policy change, illegal immigrants who are in school or have served in the military would get a two-year deferral from deportation.

“I am bringing him to court, and we’re going to defend the Constitution of the United States and the separation of powers,” King said Tuesday, according to The Messenger in Iowa.

The Messenger reported that King said his lawsuit would likely be filed before Labor Day. “He has prosecutorial discretion, but he does not have the ability to grant blanket amnesty to entire classes of people,” he said.

Source: THE HILL

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  1. Hey Mr. King. How about starting, with cleaning your own State out from all its corruption? Why is Sholom Rubashkin still in prison? Why is Judge Reade NOT in prison? Don’t worry about the Prez so much, you corrupt phonie!

  2. An appallingly bad idea. This demonstrates the level of insanity that has gripped Obama’s opponents.

    Which, however, is no greater than the insanity that gripped President Bush’s opponents.


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