Report: Reb Yaakov Meir Schecter Shlit”a Will Travel To Uman For Rosh Hashana


For the first time in nearly 30 years, Breslov leader Harav Yaakov Meir Schecter will be in Uman for Rosh Hashana.

According to the report, the Breslover Gadol requested to spend Rosh Hashana by R’ Nachman’s tzion, despite having not traveled there for the Yom Tov since 1979.

It is now expected that thousands of R Yaakov Meirs chassidim will join their Rebbe this year, adding to the mass pilgrimage taken annually by Breslovers and non Breslovers alike.




  1. 1979? Wasn’t there a screat mission in 1982 to free the jailed. If it was at night then it could be unforeseen innuendo of mainland consequences. Maybe the other reader will refresh my gefdenki again.

  2. wow that is historic, nachal noveah mekor chochmoh i wont be going but the ability for a ” makom” to touch so many neshamos high and low , religious & shonoh uporush is not a coincidence many of those going could never be convinced to go to shul here yet there is something pulling them there. thre is a real koach lastly most people that go ONCE keep going back and thats a proof that its real and not a fad that one tries once

  3. That the tzaddik hador shlit”a would travel to Uman for RH is super great news. I’m sure thousands more people will travel because of him.

  4. There are not any thousands of chassidim of R Yaakov Meir that do not go to Uman anyway on Rosh Hashanah. Maybe a couple of dozen extra. Most Breslovers go anyway, unless there is a personal or family reason not to go. Except for a few yechidim, that won’t change because he is going.
    I have davened by R Yaakov Meir a number of times when visiting my children in the neighborhood (he was my grandson’s mohel last summer) and he gets a crowd of fewer than 50 on an average week. And half of those, including my son in law, go to Uman for RH anyway. There will not be any extra thousands because RYMS has decided to go.
    This is not C”V meant as a slight on RYMS as he is a well recognized adam gadol. Only wondering about the numbers.

    • Rav Yaakov Meir shlit”a might only have a couple of dozen chassidim who daven with him daily and weekly, but he has thousands of (non-Breslover) chassidim from all walks of life who might go to Uman in his honor.

  5. There is tremendous confusion here. There is no such thing in Breslov as “Gadol”. All Breslovers are talmidim of Reb Nossen who was the talmid muvhak of the Rebbe. End of story.

    • @Moshe – why is it a shame? I believe it is a honorable thing that R’Yakov Meir decided to go, and strongly encourage you to join.
      You obviously were never in Uman with the Tzadik for Rosh Hashana, so it’s a bit unfair for you to say that.
      I strongly disagree with your wording, using the word “trap.”

      If “trap” would be defined as spending Rosh Hashana with 85,000 other yidden from every jewish community in the world getting together to be mamlich Hashem on the highest level on Rosh Hashana. By the way, you dont see so many different types of jews get together for anything like this anywhere, yet Rebbe Nachams rosh hashana has 85,000 yidden who get along together, love each other unconditionally, and are getting together to praise Hashem. “Ein Davar Gadol Mizeh.”

      On the contrary, what an amazing trap to be in.

      To address your point about leaving Eretz Yisroel, there is an inyan to spend Rosh Hashana with The Tzadik at his grave. He specifiaclly asked for this, and said those who come will be zoche to great things.

      The following is written story from Rebbe Nachman:
      The rebbe called over 2 Kasher Eidim, and promised that when I die, and i go away from this world, if you come to me and give a pretuah to Tzedaka, and say Tikkun HaKlali, I’m going to span the length and breadth of the world, and forsure there will be Yeshuas for the person. “And by your peyos I will pull you out of Gehennim!!!” even if a person is the way he is, even if he did what he did, Rak, be mekabel to be a good jew and not return to your old ways.

      It’s important to emphasize that Rebeuni was not only talking about after this world, but of course he was talking about this world! Whichever matzav or situation a person is in, whichever personal galus or Gehenim a person is in. Rabeinu is saying, come to me, and in my zechusim i’ll pull you out from whichever dark places your in.

      The peyos are the Eitzos that Rebbe Nachman revealed to us! Thank you Hashem for sending us such a Tzadik that gave us Eitzos how to live in 2017, 2018, and 2020.
      And these eitzos are applying to people who didn’t know Rabeinu while he was alive, and are coming to his grave 200 years later, and learn his holy sefarim, and start going into his holy ways.


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