Report: Peres Working Against Iran Attack Idea


peresIsraeli President Shimon Peres appears to be leading a coalition of government officials, MKs, and public figures who oppose Israeli action against Iran’s nuclear program. A report on Channel 10 today said that Peres has not only been expressing his opinion against a strike – he has been spreading his opinion at every opportunity, including at meetings with foreign dignitaries.

Peres is said to have pressed U.S. Defense Secretary Leon Panetta on the point when the two met several weeks ago, with Peres stressing that attacking Iran would not be a good idea. Peres’ office had no comment on the story.

Read more at ARUTZ SHEVA NEWS.

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  1. Massive Iranian Earthquake Far from Nuke Sites (Arutz Sheva)

    Prayers for the deceased and injured form
    this terrible earthquake in Persia.

    P.S. The true message from this event is not what many people will interpret. Be warned all those who smile at death, distress and chaos. G-d works in mysterious ways.

  2. Mr Peritsky, never gives up the opportunity to show his love to our enemies. We have to be MeChazek ourselves even more now.

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