Report: Parkland Shooter’s Gun Jamming Stopped His Massacre


The Parkland shooting massacre could have been far more deadly because the shooter paused his attack because his gun jammed, according to a Tuesday report.

An official with knowledge of the investigation into the shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School revealed that alleged shooter Nikolas Cruz had his gun jam as he tried to change magazine clips. At this point, Cruz stopped his attack because police officers were responding.

He then ran out of the building and blended with other students.

Read more at The Daily Caller.



  1. Oh really??? Did he run out and blend with the students wearing his helmet, face mask and body armor as teachers and students claim the shooters were wearing? Did he leave his shadow behind to continue shooting while he blended with other students?

    Another FBI sacrificial lamb who’s mentally too sick to defend himself is now suffering for the corruption and evil of the authority.

    • Ladies and gentlemen, step right up and enjoy the show.Don’t feel bad about staring; this nutter enjoys the attention.
      Today’s episode is brought to you by the letters F,B,I and C,I,A as well as N,W,O.

  2. This story if true will hurt sales of this gun. Fact check please. People may have other options. Protection is the most key.

    • Funny you’re saying this because sales for guns in “Florida” went up 33% since the shooting and the NRA got record amounts of new members and membership renewals since the shooting.


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