Report: Obama Sweetens Offer, Okaying More Centrifuges in Iran Nuclear Talks


iranian-deputy-foreign-minister-abbas-araqchiThe Obama administration has sweetened its offer to Iran in ongoing nuclear negotiations, saying it might accept Tehran operating 4,000 centrifuges, up from the previous 1,300, the semiofficial Iranian Mehr news agency said Monday.

Abbas Araqchi, a deputy foreign minister and nuclear negotiator, told the Iranian parliament’s foreign affairs committee that the U.S. “made concessions,” the news agency said.

Ray Takeyh, an Iran specialist at the Council on Foreign Relations, said the U.S. sweetener may encourage Iran to drag out negotiations to see what better offer it might receive after a few more months of talks.

{Andy Newscenter}


  1. The Iranians are having a field day. They only stand to gain by dragging out these “talks”, as they race to get The Bomb.

  2. Wake up klal yisroel don’t you realize that a community organizer became president in order to set up this predicament. I don’t pretend to know exactly how this will effect us except that as we learn from Noach – not to rely on miracles. May Hashem provide us with the clarity to realize that despite all necessary hishtadlus- ain od melvado!


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