Report: Obama Planning To Pressure Netanyahu On Peace Process


obama-netanyahuPresident Barack Obama “plans to plunge back into” Israel-Palestinian peace efforts, beginning with an “urgent appeal” to Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu, the New York Times reported this morning.

Quoting Obama’s advisors, the Times says that Obama will push Netanyahu to agree to the proposed framework agreement currently being drafted by Secretary of State John Kerry, who is leading the negotiations presently underway between Israel and the Palestinians.

Obama and Netanyahu are due to meet at the White House at the start of next week. And Obama is expected to make a similar appeal to Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas when the latter also visits the White House later in the month, the report says.

According to the Times, US officials say that American aim is to present the framework – which will lay out a plan for more talks – by the end of April, when the nine months of talks come to an end and a peace agreement is expected.

An unnamed senior American official told the Times that, “Now is a very timely opportunity for him (Obama) to get involved”, given that the Israeli and Palestinian leaders have made little headway in reaching any form of agreement.

The White House, a senior official said, has sought to “redeploy” the president, who has never lost interest in Mideast peacemaking, only when he could be most effective. That time, the White House purportedly believes, is now. Read more at Ynet News.

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  1. Its the same old same old from Kerry & Obama: Stop building the settlements, release terrorists, give away some land, yadda, yadda, yadda. All this in exchange for some lip service and empty promises from the Arabs.

  2. I’m sure netanyahu will get a lot of ?????? ????? after his latest efforts to destroy Torah. Hopefully, this help his demise….


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