Report: Obama Intel Officials Used ‘Russia Blackmail’ Claims to Warn Israel About Trusting Trump


U.S. intelligence officials warned their Israeli counterparts not to trust President-elect Donald Trump with intelligence secrets, citing alleged fears that Russia held blackmail information over Trump, according to a report today in Israel’s Yediot Achronot, as per Breitbart.

The alleged blackmail information that U.S. officials reportedly warned Israel about seems to be in part referencing details contained in a debunked document of mysterious origin purporting to be an intelligence report alleging that Russia collected compromising videos and information on Trump.

In the report, investigative journalist Ronen Bergman writes of a meeting that took place “recently between Israeli and American intelligence officials (the date of the meeting is not mentioned to protect the sources of the report).”

Continued Bergman:

During the meeting, according to the Israelis who participated in it, their American colleagues voiced despair over Trump’s election, as he often lashes out at the American intelligence community. The American officials also told the Israelis that the National Security Agency (NSA) had “highly credible information” that Russia’s intelligence agencies, the FSB and GRU, were responsible for hacking the Democratic Party (DNC) servers during the elections and leaking sensitive information to WikiLeaks, which hurt Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

The American officials further added that they believed Russian President Vladimir Putin had “leverages of pressure” over Trump – but did not elaborate. They were apparently referring to what was published Wednesday about embarrassing information collected by the Russian intelligence in a bid to blackmail the president-elect.

The Americans implied that their Israeli colleagues should “be careful” as of January 20, Trump’s inauguration date, when transferring intelligence information to the White House and to the National Security Council (NSC), which is subject to the president. According to the Israelis who were present in the meeting, the Americans recommended that until it is made clear that Trump is not inappropriately connected to Russia and is not being extorted – Israel should avoid revealing sensitive sources to administration officials for fear the information would reach the Iranians.

BuzzFeed on Tuesday published the un-redacted document claiming Russia had collected blackmail information on Trump, including videos of the president-elect in compromising positions.

“The allegations are unverified, and the report contains errors,” a BuzzFeed sub-headline cautioned.

Contacted by Breitbart Jerusalem, Bergman said that according to his sources, the meeting between U.S. and Israeli officials took place before the publication of the dossier on Tuesday and that the dossier wasn’t specifically mentioned to the Israelis, only the charge that Russian President Vladimir Putin has some sort of unspecified “leverage” over Trump.

Read more at Breitbart.


  1. best to just say thank you Obama, glad you’re gone.

    Had he been nice he would have been a great source of information, now he’s persona non grata

    good legacy

  2. The left wingnut fake lamestream news media spin is spinning out of control as they desperately charge the abyss of January 20. Eight more days left, maybe we’ll finally be rid of them. But I’m not holding my breath.

  3. All this is getting more and more suspicious. I read the report that was published by the Intelligence agencies and also a report by the NYT. The Times article, regarding the report, had mentioned the British MI6 agent as part of the analysis that the conclusion of hacking by the Russians was based upon. Now, it has come to light that this British MI6 agent was, in fact, a former agent, and the source of the discredited dossier. Therefore there is no actual evidence of Russian hacking. Furthermore, in that report, the two agencies who had “High Confidence” in the conclusion were the CIA and FBI. The report states that the NSA had ONLY “Moderate Confidence”.

    What we Can conclude from All of this is the utter sloppiness and ineptitude of Government Agencies. Apparently the Agencies have had this information for nearly a year and in all that time they are unable to verify Any of if. Is it That difficult to trace the itinerary of the subjects.

    With the data collection capabilities of NSA surely they should be able to track the transferring of documents from one location to another. Even I have the capability to a small degree and certainly the NSA has a much superior capability at their disposal. Given all that the NSA Should have noted the conclusion with greater than High confidence. What was lacking in that report was “sources have found”. In any Intelligence report when there is physical sound evidence it would be this phrase that is used. No such terminology, anywhere in the report, used such terminology and therefore the conclusion is nothing more than speculation. It is nothing more than educated guesses.


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