Report: NYC Evaluating Frum Community’s Cooperation In Herpes Cases


NYC Mayor de Blasio says he still needs to evaluate whether a deal with the frum community in dealing with neonatal herpes cases and metzitzah b’peh is “working effectively or not,” the NEW YORK POST reports.

Under the February 2015 agreement on the age-old practice, the city eliminated a parental consent form mandated by former Mayor Bloomberg. In exchange, the community pledged to identify a mohel after an infant contracts herpes and to have the mohel tested to determine if there’s a strain match.

Last week, health officials said 2 of 6 mohalim had been identified and that rather than being tested they were simply advised not to continue with the practice.

“We’ve made it very clear what we expect from the community,” de Blasio said at an unrelated press conference in The Bronx. “We’re evaluating the situation, when we get through with that evaluation we’ll have an update.” He put the timeline of the review as “a matter of weeks.”



  1. This is the classic case of NOT following Dina der malchus Dina. We cannot allow someone who will be out of office soon to uproot are traditiones. Gevald. The mohel is just doing his mandate which is a mandate. I think we are going back to closet mila like in the yesteryear before it was.

  2. Why are we not keeping our end of the bargain? The mayor repealed Bloomberg’s law if we would cooperate. It’s appears we are not cooperating.


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