Report: New Yorkers Losing Their Patience With The Overwhelming Heat And Humidity


hot-heat-waveNew York – There is no escape from the heat and humidity. This new summer scorcher is putting pressure on the power grid, and peoples’ patience.

Tempers are rising along with the temperatures all over as the Tri-State Area’s latest bout with Mother Nature has left many high and dry, CBS 2’s Dave Carlin reported

Tenants in the Highbridge section of the Bronx were are left huffing, puffing, sweating and climbing Thursday night after yet another day with no elevator service in their building.

“Tired, angry, everything … it’s summer, too hot,” resident Ana Pena said.

CBS 2’s Carlin found more summer scorcher misery in the Brownsville section of Brooklyn, where a fire knocked out power to 64 customers.

“Without AC, we can’t do anything,” one person said.

Understandably, residents are irritated and others are just cranky. Blame it on day after day of heat and humidity.

“I have less patience,” said Jim Hepner of the West Village.

Doctor Ned Shami said it gets worse as dehydration progresses to low-grade fever, then confusion and other mental changes.

“You get a little dehydrated. Your muscles start to ache. You get a little fatigued and tired and all of us know when we’re tired and fatigued we can get cranky,” Dr. Shami said.

Researchers have also found extreme heat can trigger testosterone production leading to heightened aggression.

“To avoid becoming a hot head, cool down any way you can,” Shareze Manning said while running through fire hydrant spray, who admitted feeling a lot better.


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