Report: Netanyahu Told New Zealand: “Your Actions Are A Declaration Of War”


Good for Bibi.

Israeli Prime Minister Binyomin Netanyahu reportedly called New Zealand’s foreign minister before last week’s United Nations vote on the settlements and threatened that “Your actions are a declaration of war,” according to a new Haaretz report.

New Zealand—along with Senegal, Malaysia, and Venezuela—led a move to resubmit for a vote on a resolution condemning Israeli settlements in the West Bank and East Jerusalem.

A few hours before Netanyahu’s last-ditch effort to prevent the vote, a senior Israeli foreign ministry official in Yerushalayim called New Zealand’s ambassador to Israel “and warned that if New Zealand’s move came to a vote, Israel might close its embassy in Wellington in protest,” Haaretz additionally reported. Read more at HAARETZ.

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  1. Why wasn’t the original Egyptian initiative for the resolution a declaration of war?
    Besides, does anyone really think that the powerhouses of New Zealand and Senegal revived the Egyptian effort on their own? The declaration of war, if any, were issued fromLondon, Paris, and 1600 Pennsylvania avenue….


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