Report: Netanyahu Refuses to Target Hamas Leaders


hamas-leader-khaled-meshaalBy Aryeh Savir

A disagreement about targeting the Hamas leaders broke out last night during the Security Cabinet meeting, this according to a report by Yisrael Hayom. Minister of Finance Yair Lapid demanded that the Hamas leaders, including Khaled Mashal and Ismail Haniya who are in Qatar, be targeted as part of the efforts to hit Hamas as hard as possible; PM Netanyahu reportedly refused. Lapid was supported by Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman and Minister of Economy Naftali Bennet. The explanation given for Netanyahu’s refrain form this course of action was that it “enables Israel further international maneuverability”.

Hamas leaders’ homes were bombed by the IAF, but only when it was clear that they were not there. Former Hamas head Nahiyeh’s home was hit on Monday (Jul. 28th). Commenting on this attack, Major-General (res.) Giora Eiland said attacking Haniyeh’s home is not important, “he couldn’t care less” said Eiland. Haniyeh himself said: “My home is no more precious than the homes of the Palestinian people. The destruction of rocks will not weaken our will and we will continue to resist until freedom is achieved.”

Hamas leaders have been hiding since the beginning of Operation ‘Protective Edge’ underground, in hospitals and at other locations which cannot be targeted without exacting a heavy civilian toll.

Tazpit News Agency

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  1. Netanyahu is making a major major mistake! By killing those 2 DOGS, it would severely weaken Hamas’s direction and power! How can Bibi let them live?

  2. That’s absolutely, 100% true. Israel will never, ever target Haniya or other Hamas leaders. They can come out from whatever rock (or hospital, nursery, old age home) they are hiding under and strut about in plain sight – just like Yassin and Rantisi did.
    Oh, if only…

  3. To #1,2 and 3 I think this is a great move by Netanyahu. If these 2 terrorists are killed this means he’ll be forced to deal with Abbas. As long as these “leaders” are alive there can not be no peace deal with with the Palestinians.

  4. If the Hamas leaders are killed there will no one at all that can control anyone at all. All the terrorists will slip into gang roles and it will be much harder to control anyone at all. I hope everyone realizes that for every person killed in Gaza there are ten family members who’s hate for Israel increases a thousand folds. Hashem yirachem!


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