Report: Neo-Nazis Are Organizing Secretive Paramilitary Training Across America


A neo-Nazi who goes by the alias Norman Spear has launched a project to unify online fascists and link that vast coalition of individuals into a network training new soldiers for a so-called forthcoming “race war,” VICE reports.

Spear, who claims to be an Iraq and Afghan war veteran, is a self-proclaimed white nationalist with a significant online following. His latest act involves bringing neo-Nazis together, regardless of affiliation and ideology, into a militant fascist umbrella organization.

Using a social network called “The Base,” Spears recruits extremists from around the internet into a group explicitly focused on providing users with terroristic skills, in order to produce real-world violence.

“I’m all about violence, but I want to gather with people and plan something out,” wrote one user going by the name Rimbaud to the almost 50 other members of the secret network, lamenting that the recent terror attack on a synagogue in Pittsburgh could’ve been more effective. “Maybe some form of bombing, or something a bit more destructive.”

Read more at VICE.



  1. wow! time for teshuva and tefilla guys. this is scary what is going on in the world right now. between the measles, the sinas chinam, and now fascism
    wake up

  2. Grass donated to their turf by reform jews.

    Eating treif is hate for Holy Israel.

    Reform jews grant me no dialogue on kosher. Hashem will not tolerate abominations.

    Welcome the era.

  3. This is frightening…The galus is worsening, as if it wasn’t unbearable beforehand. Perhaps it is time for some teshuva and ahavas chinam. Judge your neighbor as yourself… Guard thy tongue… Don’t judge…


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