Report: Menachem Stark’s DNA Found In Van


menachem-stark5Newsday reports that investigators have uncovered DNA evidence linking R’ Menachem Stark z”l to a van that police seized earlier this month in the investigation of his abduction, according to a law enforcement source familiar with the case.

The light-colored van was grabbed by police about two weeks ago after they spotted it on a street in Brooklyn. A person who was about to enter the vehicle when police approached willingly surrendered it to investigators and was not arrested. Police found the new evidence after examining the vehicle’s interior, said the source, who didn’t want to be named.

Newsday reports that the new evidence appears to be a significant development for police, who have been using a variety of forensic and technological advances to try to piece together what happened to R’ Menachem after he was forced into a van outside his office on January 2.

{ Newscenter}


  1. The question is: Who is this person that was about to enter the vehicle? What happened to him? Why aren’t they interrogating him?

  2. Why dont they arrest the owner of the vehicle or whomever he lent it out to at the time of the abduction and interogate them?

  3. I am still waiting to see arrests..

    Would like to see a death penalty too after this gruesome murder.

    This is taking a bit longer than it should.


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