Report: Israel Thinks France’s Macron Will Likely Present Peace Plan of His Own if Trump Doesn’t


An Israeli Foreign Ministry official told a Knesset committee earlier this week that if US President Donald Trump did not present an Israeli-Palestinian peace plan within a few weeks after the upcoming Nov. 6 midterm elections, French President Emmanuel Macron would likely unveil a diplomatic initiative of his own, Channel 10 reported on Tuesday.


Alon Ushpiz, the Foreign Ministry’s director of diplomacy, also revealed that Israel was not aware of the details of Trump’s long-awaited proposal.

According to the report, which cited two Knesset members who attended Monday’s Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee meeting, Ushpiz cautioned that a Democratic takeover of the House of Representatives would significantly change the atmosphere in Washington vis-à-vis Israel.

“Things will not be the same as before,” he was quoted as saying. “There will be consequences for Israel. What has happened until now since Trump’s entry into the White House will not continue, and we need to prepare for this.”

Ushpiz further warned that Israel was losing support in the US Jewish community, and he asked Knesset members to meet with Jews during trips to America, rather than just evangelical Christians.

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  1. What is the point in all this nonsensical hypothesizing he will present or he wont preset who cares nothing is going to work anyways because Theydon’t want peace

  2. Who is France to meddle into a sovereign country’s affairs? Do they support Israel financially like the US? Mr. Macron, you have enough problems in your own country to take care of. So mind your own business.

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