Report: Israel Looking for Proof that Iran is Violating Deal


netanyahuIsrael’s prime minister is searching for proof Iran is violating the interim agreement to curb its nuclear program, a British newspaper reported.

The Sunday Times said Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu has asked the Mossad spy agency and military intelligence to search for proof of subterfuge before the interim deal designed to curb Iran’s nuclear activities expires in May.

The report came one week after the P5+1 countries — Russia, China, Britain, France, the United States and Germany — signed an interim agreement with Iran to curb its nuclear activities in return for an easing of economic sanctions.

Israeli intelligence efforts will focus on three aspects of Iran’s nuclear program — ballistic missiles, planning of bombs and secret enrichment sites, the newspaper said. One Israeli security source said Tehran would not have invested an estimated $200 billion in its nuclear program if it fails to produce nuclear weapons and turn the country into a regional superpower.

The Sunday Times said President Barack Obama will have a hard time persuading U.S. lawmakers not to increase sanctions if Iran is proven to be violating the agreement.

An Israeli intelligence source told The Times, “Everyone has his own view regarding the Geneva [Switzerland] agreement. But it is clear that if a smoking gun is produced, it will tumble like a house of cards.”

Iran’s semi-official Fars News Agency reported Sunday that Israel and Saudi Arabia are working together to sabotage Iran’s nuclear program. Fars said intelligence chiefs of both countries met in Vienna Nov. 24 and discussed the production of computer malware capable of destroying the software structure of Iran’s nuclear program.

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani Saturday announced plans to build a second nuclear plant with the Russians in Bushehr.

“Based on our estimates, the second nuclear power plant will be built in the same province and I hope that we can use the facilities of this province,” Fars quoted him as saying.

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