Report: Hamas Agrees to Curb Gaza Border Violence to Facilitate Truce With Israel


Hamas has decided to scale back the violent weekly protests along Gaza’s border with Israel in an effort to bring down the number of casualties among the protesters, the London-based Arabic-language newspaper Al-Hayat reported on Thursday.

A Palestinian source in the Gaza Strip told Al-Hayat that the organization had made its decision after being pressured by a delegation of senior Egyptian intelligence officials that arrived in Gaza on Tuesday to mediate a cease-fire agreement between Israel and the Gaza rulers. The decision was made before two long-range rockets were fired from Gaza into Israel on Wednesday, one of which demolished a family home in Beersheba.

Hamas has denied any responsibility for the rocket attacks.

The newspaper reported that the Egyptian officials had persuaded Hamas to de-escalate the tensions with Israel after a Hamas operative was killed in a retaliatory Israeli missile strike on Wednesday.

Meanwhile, reports on Wednesday that suggested that Egypt had brokered a cease-fire between Israel and ‎Hamas were not corroborated by Egyptian or Israeli officials.

The Palestinian Maan news agency reported that ‎Egyptian officials who are visiting Gaza in efforts to mediate a long-term truce teamed ‎with UN Middle East envoy Nickolay Mladenov and ‎held urgent meetings with the Palestinian factions ‎in Gaza.‎

Egyptian intelligence official Ahmed Abdel Khalek, ‎who heads the delegation, was able to convince the ‎Gazan groups to halt their fire, the report said.‎




  1. These Israeli cowards who allow Hamas to attack them and after Hamas exhausted their rockets agree to Hamas temporary ceasefire until they regain their weapons, are the same Zionists who accused the Jews in the Holocaust for not resisting and going like sheep to the slaughter. The IDF is truly a weak army.

    • But what about the “big blow”, Netanyahu, promised was coming??? Now it’s off because Hamas needs a few days to re-stock their armament’s?! Yes, the secular bald headed leadership in Israel, is very weak and vurinable at this time. As dumb and stupid as one can get.


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