Report: Half of Obamacare ‘Enrollees’ Still Owe Their Premiums


health-insurance-obama-careThe White House has been dealt a stunning new blow on Obamacare sign-up numbers with reports showing that only about half of the people “enrolled” at healthcare exchanges in various states have actually paid their premiums.

With the March 31 deadline for enrollment just seven weeks away, the number of sign-ups in federal and state marketplaces has slowed down to an alarming figure since the sudden surge in the latter part of December and early January.

But the bigger problem for the Obama administration is that roughly 50 percent of consumers who had supposedly enrolled for President Barack Obama’s healthcare reform have missed their payment deadline for Jan. 1, according to Investor’s Business Daily’s website

In Washington state, the exchange had set a goal of signing-up 340,000 participants by the end of next month, but little more than half that number, 170,000, had filled out the Obamacare forms.

But even more devastating for the proponents of the Affordable Care Act is that only 88,071 of those had paid their premium as of Feb. 1st, which is a little more than half the sign-ups, or a little more than 25 percent of the number that Washington had hoped to enlist by March 31 with their premiums paid up.

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  1. The system does not show the difference from people interested and those signing on. Once you enter the program it shows you as a signer even though you aren’t signing on.
    Is it possible this was done on purpose to show higher nberd

  2. Probably it didn’t occur to many people that they actually have to pay for stuff. They naturally assumed that Obama was giving them something for free at others’ expense, which would have been a reasonable assumption.

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