Report: Feds Knew Blizzard Forecast Was Exaggerated — But Didn’t Want To Confuse Us


From a New York Post report: On the eve of Tuesday’s Winter Storm Stella, the National Weather Service got reports that its dire prediction of up to two feet of snow for New York City may have been exaggerated — but decided not to change its forecast.

Fears of a massive blizzard led officials to close city public schools and for above ground train service to be stopped — but in the end, only about seven inches fell in Central Park.

After announcing that snow could reach record levels in the city, NWS meteorologists in New York and other Northeast cities held a conference call Monday afternoon about computer models that dramatically cut predicted totals. But they decided to continue forecasting deep snow, claiming that they didn’t change their forecast for fear people would mistakenly think the storm was no longer dangerous.

“Out of extreme caution, we decided to stick with higher amounts,” Greg Carbin, chief of forecast operations at the Weather Prediction Center in Maryland, told The Associated Press. “I actually think in the overall scheme that the actions [by states and cities] taken in advance of the event were exceptional.”

Bronx state Sen. Ruben Diaz Sr., who rushed back to his district from Albany, fumed at the weather watchers for their flaky forecast.

“What is this, fake news?” Diaz said. “Shame on them, because you made the city spend a lot of money. They made a lot of people lose money.” Read more at the New York Post.



  1. It wasn’t a false prediction in Monsey. Monsey was shut down most of the day. General snow plowing didn’t start till late afternoon. Morning minyanim were cancelled and people had to daven locally.

  2. Senator Diaz is %100 right. Haven’t we learnt from the recent Presidential elections that the media is all fake news and can’t be trusted anymore? Why would DeBlasio want to purposely hurt the City financially when he knew all along this was a bunch of fear mongering crap? We desperately need a new Mayor in town. It’s too bad that the Democrats are already circling the wagons for this bum.

  3. They didn’t want to confuse people but it was okay to create unnecessary stress with allowing false forecast? Hakesef Yaabeh EscHakol is more likely the reason

  4. was still reporting the 18″ – 20″ forecast on Monday, but had it revised to the far more accurate 5″ – 8″ projection.
    Someone told me years ago that was more accurate than, but I don’t recall seeing it so starkly until now. It’s something to remember for the future.


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