Report: Ex-Official With Ties To McCain Gave Buzzfeed Access To Steele Dossier


BuzzFeed obtained the infamous Steele dossier from a former State Department official with ties to Sen. John McCain, it was revealed Wednesday in a court filing connected to a defamation case against the website.

A BuzzFeed reporter got the dossier — which details salacious but unverified allegations against President Trump — during a meeting with David Kramer, a McCain institute fellow and former deputy assistant secretary of state, according to the court document.

The judge also wrote that Kramer traveled to London and received most of the dossier from Steele after McCain had asked him to do so.

Read more at NY POST.



  1. What? You mean the hero would do such a thing ? More right wing conspiracy theories always remember that comey is honest and Hillary is compassionate and if you want to get ahead in Washington make sure to memorize these “facts”

      • Dear 9:07 brooklyn bridge buyer, USS Forrestal-burning McDrain was a war hero… for Vietnam and USSR, that is. McDrain got out of it only through his big bosses daddy and grandpa being in charge of people in charge of the “investigation”.

  2. Twice Presidential loser, sworn Trump enemy, John McCain had hired and paid (via Soros) Christopher Steele, a former British spy, to dig up dirt on Trump and make up a false story to the world! This jealous man then handed over this smear dossier to then FBI director claiming “he had no idea whether it was credible but believed that the FBI should have it because it’s sensitive material.”

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