Report: Driving in NYC Has Gotten Even Slower


Driving in the heart of Manhattan has somehow gotten even slower, a city report revealed Friday — and the glacial pace has motorists cursing the surge of black cars brought on by Uber and Lyft, the NEW YORK POST reports.

Average travel speeds for the borough south of 60th Street have plummeted from 9.1 mph in 2010 to 7.1 mph in 2017, while those in Midtown alone have sunk even lower, falling from 6.4 mph to a measly 5 mph in the same period, according to the Department of Transportation’s Mobility Report. And it’s little wonder, with Gothamites fleeing sluggish subways and buses, and for-hire vehicles like those from Uber and Lyft flooding the streets to pick up those peeved passengers.

“Several new trends — including declines in mass-transit ridership and slower travel times, combined with more car ownership and for-hire vehicle trips — are together causes for concern,” Transportation Commissioner Polly Trottenberg said as she released the report. Read more at the NEW YORK POST.




  1. Thank you DeBlasio for enforcing Vision Zero. You have enhanced our lives tremendously. I feel so so safe. I think he didn’t go far enough. He must lower the speed limit to 8 miles an hour. Driving faster than that on Ocean Parkway is totally reckless. We must bring the City to a standstill. That will save the environment.

  2. The report focuses on Manhattan, not Ocean Parkway where cars travel much faster.

    Vision Zero is a great idea, kudos to the Mayor for it, although he has not been sufficiently diligent in turning the vision into a reality with things like traffic calming, street redesign, and crackdowns on dangerous drivers.

  3. “more car ownership”

    There are too many cars. Ways should be found to limit them.

    It would be healthier for people if they wouldn’t drive so much as well.

    • Right. So the next time you order a couch or refrigerator, it will be delivered by someone driving a bicycle. Yes, when the City needs to repave the roads, the workers should walk with a wheelbarrow all the way from the base. Trucks and cars are evil. They must be eliminated and eradicated. Only then can the earth survive.
      Thank you for sharing such brilliance.

      • The comment you responded to did not call for banning cars and trucks, just limiting them, so do not distort things please.

        You sound like someone who is addicted to his car. It would be to your benefit to kick the addiction and walk or ride a bicycle – or even a horse – sometimes.

        It is not healthy for you to spend so much time in your car getting furious when you are delayed a bit.


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