Report: Driver In Monsey Taxi Incident Was Not Licensed


A horrific accident in Monsey yesterday led to the death of a Efraim Shimon Szydlow z”l after a cab driver struck the 1-year-old child while driving on Johanna Lane.

Today, the Town of Ramapo’s Police Department released a statement which disclosed details on how the event unfolded.

According to the report, “A taxi cab being operated by a male (age 41) … had just picked up a fare on Johanna Lane.” While backing out of the customer’s driveway the car “struck the child who was sitting on the roadway.”

There were two other occupants in the vehicle at the time of the collision.

At this time of the investigation, drugs or alcohol have been ruled out as factors in the collision. It has been, however, determined that the driver in question was operating the cab service without a proper license. The driver will be receiving a ticket for the infraction.

The investigation is still underway and “additional tickets may be forthcoming.”



    • In order to get a license, one learns how to drive safely. Obviously it doesn’t prevent all accidents but it most certainly shows that the driver isn’t completely careless and is not utterly defiant of the law.

  1. add insult to injury. Nebach. me sheamar lolamo dai yomar letzorosainu dai! hes the only one that has control over our tzorus. lets beseach our father in heaven, lets be mekabel something. every knows what he can pick and follow through. vlo yishoma od shud vshever bbiat moshiach, and the parents will get their tayere ephrayim shimon back!

  2. to shvigger: If he knew how to drive properly he wouldn’t drive without a license. How could a taxi company hire someone without a license? They should be sued and fined.

  3. Something has to be done regarding the taxi situation in the Monsey community. Lets face the facts the drivers of local taxis drive crazy. This is not the first taxi incident we had. If you go to Evergreen any day the taxis endangers us the way they operate there cars or you drive or cross and walk on RT 59 or 306 the taxis and jewish ones alike drive like animals. Something has to be done to avoid any further incidents.

  4. From the article, it’s a bit confusing whether the drive lacked a driver’s license or a license to operate a taxi.

    Obviously everything is in the hands of Hashem, and this tragedy could have occurred even if he had all the proper licenses in the world, but it is important to get the truth.

    Does anyone know whether the driver didn’t have a driver’s license or a taxi license?


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