Report: Criminal Probe of Bibi Netanyahu Launched


Israel’s attorney general’s office has reportedly launched a criminal probe into Israeli Prime Bibi Benjamin Netanyahu over allegations of bribery and fraud. Netanyahu’s government has described the accusations as false and part of an attempt to undermine his legitimacy.

The reported investigation into Netanyahu stems from his foreign trips during his time as Israel’s foreign minister, in addition to an allegation that he improperly accepted 1 million euros. Read more at TIMES OF ISRAEL.


  1. Oh boy. The timing is not good. This is being done by the left wing AG in order to weaken him as the new President of the United States takes over.

  2. With Israeli politician hasn’t been involved in situations that involve bribery and fraud? I think that is like a pre-requisite to becoming an Israeli politician…

  3. Only in Israel can the government attempt to take down it’s prime minister at such a perilous juncture in time! The left is lefter than left!

  4. Time to investigate the investigators. Investigate the connection between the AG and the Obama/EU/UN mafia. All Israeli lefties receive the EU/UN/State Department’s support and comfort. They don’t even bother hiding it too well; just need the fortitude to refer to traitors as traitors.

  5. Why distract the Prime Minister from his job he is standing up to Tremendous pressure from the whole world don’t bother him with nonsense investigations he deserves to get paid millions for the work he is doing a lot more than some spoiled businessman siting in his comfortable office in Tel Aviv or Manhattan making millions of dollars just thinking about his own wealth

  6. הנה סוף סוף זה קורה. הקב”ה משלם חובו לעוברי עבירה ברבים…. “וכל מי שעוסקים בצרכי ציבור באמונה הקב”ה ישלם שכרם” וכן : “שלוחי מצווה – אינם ניזוקים” אבל שלוחי עבירה כגון אלו שהם שלוחים לכנסת המינים והאפיקורסים המשומדים וכו’ יש לקב”ה דרך אחרת איך לשלם להם על ענשם ברבים…. לכאורה החקירה נגד נתניהו שחשוד בשחיתות: בגלל שהוא ביחד עם חכי”ם חרדים לשעבר חידשו גזירת גיוס השמד והזימה.


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