Report: Boro Park Is the Quietest Neighborhood in NYC


Thirteenth Avenue may by a bustling shopping center and the square mile and a half of Boro Park may have more shuls than could be counted, but Hamodia reports that a study released this week finds the dense neighborhood heavily populated by Orthodox Jews to be the quietest In New York City.

RentHop’s data science team studies noise complaints received by the city to measure the audio level in the hundreds of neighborhoods in the city that never sleeps. They found, reports Hamodia, that Boro Parkers complained the least about noise so far this year, either because they are not complainers or there’s nothing to complain about. Only .00324 percent of the neighborhood’s approximately 120,000 residents — or a fraction less than 4 — registered a noise complaint.



  1. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.
    Very simple. There is so much noise, most of the residents, at this point, are hard of hearing. Once a person goes deaf, sure, he can’t hear anything.

  2. Its simple vahvta leracha komocha. There is what to complain about sometimes. but unless its really bad we keep quiet. Especially when you also make some noise

  3. If you buy that, you may be interested in purchasing a bridge next.

    Yes, it is quiet at times like on Shabbos morning….

  4. Not sure what everyone is getting all worked up about. Boro Park is a busy place but it’s not noisy at all. People do not typically play loud music or scream on the streets. Like most nice Jewish neighborhoods…


    “”Report: Boro Park Is the Quietest Neighborhood in NYC””

    What kind of drugs do you take to produce such a Headline??!!

    The opioid crises has hit the Media !!!!!!!!

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