Report: Black Friday Sales Down


 black-fridayThere were more shoppers in stores on Black Friday, according to one report, but they might have bought less.

Retail industry watcher ShopperTrak found that 3.5 percent more people endured the madness of Black Friday than in 2011-but sales dipped 1.8 percent. Some of that money may have gone to even earlier sales some stores held on Thanksgiving Day.

Walmart, Sears, and Target were among the retailers that decided to hold Thursday savings deals this year. Read more at CNN.

{Andy Newscenter}


  1. There was also a very wide-spread campaign on the internet to boycott Walmart in particular and Black Friday in general. The push was to shop locally on Small Business Saturday (Not an option for us unless the stores were open really late.) Perhaps the boycott played a role, too, but you won’t catch them admitting it.

  2. #2 – I believe the total sales report included Thursday, when many stores opened “early” so hopefully no shoppers would be trampled, as has happened in previous years.


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