Report: Battle Begins Between Welch’s, Kedem Just Before Pesach


Manischewitz and Kedem — two established, national kosher food brands — will be duking it out for the first time over grape juice, a product Kedem has been making since 1958 and one that Manischewitz just launched with grape king Welch’s, THE NEW YORK POST reports.

Supermarkets have started to get shipments of the co-branded product, which is made in Welch’s facility with rabbinical oversight.

Until now, “Kedem was the only competitor in this category that registered,” said David Sugarman, chief executive of Newark-based Manischewitz, “and we felt we could come out with a better product that tastes better.” Read more at THE NEW YORK POST.




  1. shloimy…..take a look at the ingredients in kedem grape juice. it’s ALSO made from grape juice concentrate! and in spite of that it’s kosher for kiddush and the “four cups” on pesach!

    • Not true, Kedem sometimes (the plastic bottles) “adds” concentrate to it’s Grape Juice, Welch is entirely Concentrate, as I understand

  2. But “Kedem” was “first”
    I have heard people “belch” from too much grape juice – but “welch” – unheard of
    This sure is a “juicy” piece of news for Purim – even though i will stick to wine
    Simchas Purim to all

  3. the cometition is sure to drive prices down
    and I dont know where you shop but grape juice is not 6 dollars a bottle by me
    most juices are expensive becuase they require a tremendous amount of fruit to make just a small bit of juice,
    try juicing for yourself and you will see it is quite expensive

  4. Years ago Welch’s did prodce a kosher for Passover grape juice – but because it was from concentrate it was not used for Kiddush and arba kosos. I don’t know if this product will be different.

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