Report: Abbas to Tell Obama that Israel Must Free Top Terrorist Leaders for Peace Talks to Continue


obama-abbasAccording to the London-based Al-Hayat, in today’s scheduled meeting with President Obama in Washington, PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas will demand that Israel halt all construction in West Bank settlements as well as release high-profile Palestinian leaders who were convicted of terrorist atrocities, as a condition for his agreement to continue peace talks.

Two of the leaders include Tanzim chief Marwan Barghouti and Ahmed Sa’adat, the leader of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, who planned the murder of former minister Maj.-Gen. Rehavam Ze’evi in 2001.

According to the report, if Abbas’ terms are accepted, the Palestinians would extend the talks to the end of 2014.

{ Israel News Bureau}


  1. Hey Abbas,

    Now it is your turn. Recognize Israel as a Jewish State.

    You demand, they comply. They demand, you don’t comply. It’s time for you to put up or shut up.
    Quit whining to Obama and to the EU. You shot your wad and now you have to comply or forget the whole game.


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