Report: 60% of IRS Employees Caught Cheating on Taxes Allowed to Keep Jobs


At least 60 percent of IRS employees caught cheating on their taxes were allowed to keep their jobs, according to a report in The Washington Times, Newsmax reports.

Citing the Inspector General’s report, the Times reported nine employees caught cheating on the most recent review had their penalties “mitigated” by embattled IRC interim chief John Koskinen.

Due to IRS privacy rules, the Times reported the leniency rate was at least 60 percent but could be as high as 82 percent; the agency would only say that one to three employees were fired and one to three were allowed to resign.




  1. Just curious to know why us peasants going to jail and these guys get the cushy jobs
    And people like rubashkin can get 27 years in jail I guess they forgot that in their job description supposed to be servants of the people not their masters

  2. Interesting. But if we tried something like that, we’d be thrown in prison for 27 years (Rubashkin). The system is broken. Drain the swamp.

  3. I agree these people should lose their jobs. But the IRS very rarely throws anyone in jail for tax evasion. Usually it is just fines and penalties.

  4. You mean to say that the big gubmit is corrupt by its very nature, promotes double standard and mocks the rule of law?! What else is new.


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