Report: 3 World Trade Center May Shrink From 80 Stories To 7


freedom-towerNew York – Developer Larry Silverstein may put a lid on it.

3 World Trade Center was originally planned to be an 80 story skyscraper. According to a report in Crain’s New York Business, Silverstein is now thinking about capping it at just seven stories.

Silverstein has been unable to secure at least one major tenant for the building, according to the report. Silverstein is looking for someone to pre-lease 400,000 square feet in the building. Amid the current financial climate, attracting that kind of tenant has proved challenging.

So Silverstein is thinking of turning it into a retail center.

If the building is capped at seven stories, the cap itself could be removed and construction could resume if a major tenant is found.

{CBS New York/ Newscenter}


  1. This is not news. it was planned this way all along. however it is becoming increasingly likely that they will only build the ‘stump’ since they have not found an anchor tenant yet.


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