Rep. Weiner Takes Leave Of Absence Amid Calls For Resignation


wienerRep. Anthony Weiner says he wants to take a temporary leave of absence from Congress to seek professional help after three top Democrats, including Nancy Pelosi, called for his resignation today.

Spokeswoman Risa Heller said Weiner has left for professional treatment and will focus on “becoming a better husband and healthier person.”

“Congressman Weiner takes the views of his colleagues very seriously and has determined that he needs this time to get healthy and make the best decision possible for himself, his family and his constituents,” she said.

As early as this morning, Weiner thought he could tough it out. He was going to the dry cleaners and apparently making plans to return to Washington for Monday’s session of the House.

After an outright demand that he quit from House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi, Democratic National Chairwoman Debbi Wasserman Schultz and Steve Israel, the head of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, he had a change of heart.

Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee Chairman Steve Israel of New York also called for Weiner to step down, saying his behavior was “inappropriate.”

Pelosi said he “needs help” and he should get some “without the pressures of being a member of Congress.” She called for an ethics committee investigation to see whether his actions violated any House rules.

The only democrat who rushed to Weiner’s defense was Congressman Charles Rangel, who was censured by the House last year.

Rangel said, “The whole idea of resignation is something that is hyped up by the press.”

{Agencies/ Newscenter}


  1. I wonder if Nancy Pelosi is so squeeky clean. Maybe someone should check into her background. Methinks the lady doth protest too much.


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