Rep. John Lewis Calls Clinton ‘Madam President’

Today, Democratic Rep. John Lewis called Hillary Clinton “Madam President” while wishing her a happy birthday on Twitter, the Daily Beast reports.
The Georgia congressman, who was also a prominent leader during the civil rights movement, has previously said Trump is not a “legitimate president.”


  1. Congressman Lewis’ sole claim to fame is that sometime in the middle of the last century, while marching on some innominate bridge somewhere in Alabama, he was knocked on his head. The results were tangible, and worsen by the day. This is the very same idiot, who is still wondering whether Guam will capsize under the weight of the US servicemen. If Lewis retained any brain cells post his trauma, those have been hopelessly lost due to senility. Keep electing him, Georgians, and then donate him to the Museum of Natural History, as a living fossil.

  2. Not just President, but Grand Suzerain with a side order of Chief Poobah.
    Did you know the neighborhood “Capitol Hill” is actually being renamed “Capitol Hillary” in her honor? We are unworthy of inhaling molecules that her exalted lungs have exhaled.

  3. I see this moron is jealous that Frederica Wilson is stealing the limelight from him. How immature and pathetic. Does he really think he’s going to get the middle to low income white folks to offer up reparations, when he behaves this way?


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