It’s Over: Rep. Anthony Weiner to Resign from Congress


weinerRep. Anthony Weiner of New York plans to leave office, calling House leaders Wednesday night at a White House picnic to inform them he would resign today, sources tell ABC News.

Weiner’s decision comes after days of mounting pressure from congressional Democrats following his embarrassing scandal.

Weiner, 46, has begun sharing his decision with close friends, the sources said, but has not yet sent a formal letter to New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo or House Speaker John Boehner indicating his intentions.

A Democratic source said Weiner called House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi and Rep. Steve Israel, chairman of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, Wednesday night while they were at a White House picnic to inform them he would resign today.

Israel pulled Pelosi aside and both spoke with Weiner on the phone, which is when he shared his decision, said a Democratic aide who spoke on condition of annonymity.

News of Weiner’s decision came as Democrats prepared to consider whether to strip the embattled congressman of his committee assignments in an effort to limit his influence and push him out.

In the past week, President Obama, Democratic Party chairwoman Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz, Pelosi, and other top congressional leaders have all encouraged Weiner to resign, calling the scandal a “distraction.”

“Our caucus understands our concern for the rights of the individual member,” Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi of California said after a meeting Tuesday with House Democrats, “but also our higher responsibility to our country to uphold a high ethical standard in the Congress of the United States.”

Weiner — who has not been charged with or convicted of violating any laws or House ethics rules — had insisted he would remain in office despite the pressure from his colleagues.

On Monday, the House approved Weiner’s request for a two-week temporary leave of absence while he received “treatment” for an undisclosed condition at an unknown location.

{ABC News/ Newscenter}


  1. While he was pro Israel, he is a big liberal and very arrogant. Ad kan. I am happy to see him go. Maybe we can get a Republican to fill his slot.

  2. Yep yep. That’s what happened to him for daring to defy ‘O and the far-left agenda. While he may or may not be a good congressman, him being pushed and bullied out in this manner does not bode well for the U.S.

    A congressman shouldn’t have to be fearful to speak out against ‘O and Clinton for throwing our brethren in the Holy Land, an important U.S. ally, under the bus.

    Not a happy moment

  3. um #6 What planet have you been on? Welcome back, its nice to have you, dont look up what he did but I assure you it was bad. And even worse was his subsequent dealing with the situation. His moronic way of handling it calls for his resignation from the title “human” he is way to stupid to qualify as a human let alone congressman. I cant imagine how you think this has anything to do with Obama. Are you aware that Democratc congressmen criticise Obama all the time? Scroll back a few stroies to the one on Kucinich.
    A very happy moment indeed
    Good riddance

  4. #7 Popa,

    Here you are again. You only comment when its to defend king hussain. Interesting. Again, its quite obvious that you george owell/tzadok are hired guns. The writing style and peddling the same gemoras is undeniable. (You are a great writer and can do several styles. It doesn’t negate your rotten behavior here). It’s amazing how low people stoop for a few bucks.

    What he did is no worse than what Clinton did. Clinton also lied. There are many worse than him. He was targeted because he defied obama throwing Israel under the bus, the move you’ve been hired to defend. Had he gone or been revealed through a different way, I’d be happy. It’s unfortunate when congressmen have to fear speaking up or else they’re fried meat.

    Go back into your cave searching for some quick bucks

  5. It’s a shame the harping media forced this man into resigning. In spite of his poor character with what he did/does, why should he resign? If everyone person in America who is guilty of this had to resign, it would be quite noticeably how empty the work place would be the next day. Have any priests been targeted and singled out for what they did. Do we know if any resigned? I love how the media takes Jewish name and emblazons them in everyone’s minds. I cannot think of one raping priests name, or real estate rip-off artists name, or financial investors name that is not Jewish, who has been put into the American psyche with as much determination.

  6. #8 Seriously how can I get money for writing comments? I would deffinitly take that offer.
    How is this defending king hussein? He is the dead king of jordan. You may recall that the last conversation we had was about “other people enjoying meat to much” How in the world is that related to king Hussein or President Obama for that matter?
    weiner acted like a fool that was his “crime” Clinton has nothing to do with it. Politicians commit immoral acts all the time, that is barely news. Even Gingrich who led the crusade against clinton was guilty of the same thing during that very time.
    The difference is they owned up to it and were thus forgiven. Weiner acted like a fool coming up with increasingly bizzare explanations.
    You never address my points ever you just dismiss them You couldnt respond to my bringing a gemara backing my point, and you cant respond to my lehavdil, bringing examples of Democrats who chalenge Obama (kucinich, shumer is another who spoke out on the Israel issue yet arent “fried meat” you are a simpelton indeed.
    As ive said repeatedly I dont defend Obama’s policys on Israel, I am very very much opposed to them, just as i was oppsed to Bush’s exact same policy.
    Thanks for the compliment. though I dont really take pride in my writing skills, im prouder of my (as yet) irrefutable points.
    Im beggining to suspect you are a conspiracy quack. quick questions: where was Obama born? Is bin laden dead? Is elvis dead? Did bush/cia/mossad or some combination of the above plan 9 11? Did aliens land at roswell? Are you one of them?

  7. #10,

    UM, AH, bum diddle bum.

    So you’re denying that you’re a hired gun. OK. I wouldn’t expect otherwise. It doesn’t change the fact.

    If you pride yourself on your “points”, why, in virtually every one of your posts, is an equal or greater amount of it dedicated to trying to attack the other person, but is not a point or logic?

    Lets see, between the smart elvis shtik, king hussain and gingrich, about 1/4 of your post is actually dedicated to some sort of argument.

    Back to wiener and clinton. Clinton did deny it. His wife also “misspoke”. Schummer barely uttered a word about ‘O’s Israel destroying.


    Your “proof” from the gemorah Chulin was soundly refuted. Forgot that part? You only commented on that one after i mentioned some of your monikers. For a while prior to that you only commented on O and liberal stuff. You still are.

    Again, go back into your cave in search of a quick buck.

  8. #12 at least some of my comment invloves making a point. You have bizzare accusations (paid to write comments? Weiner forced to resign for disagreeing with O’?) false ones (that im popa and whomever else you disagree with) and saying that youve “refuted” my points without actually even adressing them.

    Weiner wasnt pushed to resign becasue of immorality, it wasnt becasue he lied and it certainly wasnt becuase he disagreed with the late king of Jordan (and you accuse me of shtick), it was becasue he acted like a moron.

    No i commented on the first meat post “advertized altruism” among many many other posts. before you “mentioned some of your monikers”
    Not only have you not refuted the gemara in chulin (Im dying to here how a frum person can claim to refute a gemara) You havent even addressed it (I reread your comments to double check), sure you mentioned another gemara that in no way contradicts what ive said. However you didnt even address, let alone refute the gemara in chulin. Id be happy to revisit this conversation with you though it belongs on the post “crying over meat” so perhaps lets take it there. Youll note i patiently explain my point in comments 53 54 and 57. You havent addressed my point at all you just went on rants about how im a secret commenter paid to do who knows what.Are you seriously accusing me of not making an argument in my post? read your comment #52 and tell me who makes actual logical arguments in their comments and who fills it with shtik and magical thinking


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