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By Rabbi Tzvi Rosen

A fundamental difference between Yom Tov observance and Shabbos observance is the allowance of ochel nefesh, food preparation on Yom Tov. “Ach Asher Yei’achel L’Chol Nefesh Hu Levado Yei’aseh Lachem…1 The Torah permits us to cook, bake, and prepare food onYom Tov proper, in order to eat the prepared food on that day of Yom Tov. One is not permitted to prepare from one day of Yom Tov for the second day of Yom Tov or for after Yom Tov. This prohibition of hachana, of preparing from one day of Yom Tov to the next, presents a problem when the second day of Yom Tov falls out on Shabbos or when Shabbos follows a two day sequence of Yomim Tovim. Can one halachically prepare food on Yom Tov for the Shabbos Yom Tov or for Shabbos?

To deal with this issue our Rabbis instituted a procedure known as eruv tavshilin2. The process of eruv tavshilin works in the following manner. On Erev Yom Tov, the head of the household, or his designee, should set aside a baked item such as bread or matzoh, and a cooked item such as meat, fish, or eggs (i.e. a food that is eaten along with bread). Each item should be at least the size of one kezayis, preferably the size of one beitzah. He or she should then recite the blessing of “Baruch…Al Mitzvas Eruv” and the proclamation, both found in the Siddur. This proclamation states that the cooked and baked items should permit us to continue baking, cooking, lighting a flame from an existing fire and do all the necessary preparations from Yom Tov proper to Shabbos. It is now viewed as though meal preparations for Shabbos have already begun before Yom Tov and Shabbos meal preparations may continue on Friday Yom TovErev Shabbos.

Once done, the eruv covers all household members and guests.

The foods set aside for the eruv should be saved and may be eaten on Shabbos.

If one forgot to make an eruv tavshilin one should consult a competent Rabbinical authority for further instructions.


1. Shmos 12:16

2. Orach Chaim 527

Rabbi Rosen is a Star-K Kashrus Administrator and Editor of Kashrus Kurrents.

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  1. Must the eruv be made in the place that one will be spending yom Tov? For example, if one is going to be away for Rosh Hashana to a hotel, can you make the eruv in your home before you leave on erev yom tov and leave it there or must you make it in the hotel?

    Any mareh mekomos would be appreciated.

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  3. The MB states that it is better to have a chashuva item such as meat or fish. In Europe they used eggs because they did not have refrigerators and were thus unsure whether fish or meat would last. As such, eggs are probably not as recomended as fish and meat.


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