Religious IDF Soldiers May Wear Civilian Clothing to Prevent Being Attacked


Brig. Gen. Eran Shani told a Knesset subcommittee investigating attacks against religious soldiers that six hundred religious soldiers were granted special permission to wear civilian clothing off-base in order to avoid insults and attacks. He added that many elementary yeshivos refuse to accept their children and said that religious soldiers were attacked almost every week in Meah Shearim. Such attacks have led to the practice of sending in detectives disguised as soldiers to lure out assailants. The last such raid took place last Wednesday and resulted in two arrests.

Officers told the Knesset committee that an envelope with a fake bomb was recently sent to the home of a religious army recruiter in Beit Shemesh and resulted in the closing of his street as sappers came in to deal with the threat. Thirty complaints of assaults against religious soldiers were submitted to the police this year in contrast to 113 complaints from 2014 to 2017.

“The time has come to take action against the extremist religious Jews who attack young people who enlist in the IDF,” said MK Yaakov Margi of Shas.

MK Yoel Razvozov of Yesh Atid has submitted a bill calling for seven years imprisonment for anyone who attacks a soldier and ten years imprisonment if two or more people are involved or if attacks take place when victims are in active service.

{ Israel News Bureau}


  1. Instead of capitulating to the meshuga’im, son’ei Yisrael who attack Jewish soldiers, those resha’im should be sought out, arrested, and prosecuted.

  2. In the Zionist Knesset there are members mainly from the Arab parties that regularly attack Zionist soldiers with epithets why not clean up on their own house before attacking the frum in Meah Shearim.

  3. Seven years jail if a religious jew attack a soldier but one day jail for an Arab attacking a soldier. Double standard. Why would any parent be they religious or not allow their kids to join an army that cares little about the lives of their soldiers. The politicians are running the army with what is politically correct. They endanger the police and army by removing metal detectors. They don’t allow soldiers to defend themselves. A soldier who shoots an Arab can end up in prison. Arab murderers get out by the hundreds. The israeli army has been feminized. It’s weak and not the same as in 1967. They allow toeiva and transgender soldiers who are training 18 year old Yeshiva boys. How can you trust such an institution. When the belzer rebbe said a year ago that yeshiva boys will move to the states to avoid being drafted,he was correct.

    • it not in theory that the Zionists jail soldiers ask a guy named Elor Azaria. The Zionists treat their soldiers WORSE than the czar did, meaning cannon fodder, the Zionists had 8 soldiers killed in 2006 in Lebanon in order to put up a flag. Daas Torah has said from day 1 that serving in the IDF is assur.

  4. If the actions of the “zealots” led to the soldiers wearing civilian clothing, then כל הכבוד to the zealots !! This is a big accomplishment. Now it will not be a normal sight to see frum kids in soldier uniform. We will always be reminded that they are the exception to our way of life and not the norm…..

  5. Pea colors are not eager? I guess we have the stoning drama of an urge to resist peace. The IDF soldier must be respected in all communities in Israel.

    Enough satire of Adam and his mother. This is too nasty to think that any soul in Israel has a humor for our defense.


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