Religious IDF Soldiers Forced To Listen To Lecture Praising Toava Lifestyles


The IDF forced soldiers attending commanders course to attend a pro-toava lecture given by an activist despite complaints from charedi troops that it violated their religious beliefs.

According to the Channel 2 report, the lecture was related to the protests regarding the Surrogacy Law. The class was run under the auspices of the base’s Education Corps, which provides a schedule of mandatory educational events for troops throughout the course.

“I feel that it hurts me as a religious soldier and as a combat soldier who wants to be part of the team,” one soldier messaged his rabbi. “Suddenly, because I emphasized that I do not agree with this issue, it makes me ashamed of the opinion that I grew up because it was perceived as primitive and different from all of them.”

The IDF admitted that the class was against regulations and promised to investigate.



  1. The IDF needs to protect its citizens and their proprieties! They need to put an end to this איין מאל פאר אלעמאל

  2. This is a surprise? Why do you think the government wants to draft chareidim? Because they need the soldiers? NO!!! Its because the army is THE key engine for forcing the assimilation of the religious into “mainstream” zionist culture and ideology!

  3. But if they dare bring someone to lecture about normal behaviour the sponsor the lecturer and attendees would be persecuted and prosecuted. Sick and getting sicker.

  4. And you want Yeshiva boys to join such a low class army. Never. All my grand kids are coming back to America when they turn 16. Non will be in this goyish army.

  5. This is a scandal and getting worse. We Orthodox Jews demand israel stop hurting our fellow Orthodox Jews in israel. We demand a billion dollars for yeshivas. Because we voted for Trump not the reform and secular american assimilated Jews. Time to flex our muscles.

  6. Hopefully, things will get better when Eizenkot leaves.
    I don’t condone Peleg’s disgraceful methods, but, after hearing things like this, it’s easy to understand why they’re protesting.

  7. The Thought Police has now spread to Israel. One has to feel guilty because he has yiras shomayim?! What a feckless g-dless army. When you have bare headed people like Netanyahu & Lieberman controlling the army, it spells disaster for the Nation. Why would any sane person want to make an aliyah and live in Israel???

  8. To all the מקטרגים/critics out there –

    A terrible thing occurred, outrageous, I agree.

    However, we must keep in mind that, as the report states, “The IDF admitted that the class was against regulations and promised to investigate.”. That is very important.

    On the other hand, in various Western countries, the situation is worse in ways. In the USA the toeivah movement has, in just a few years, spread terribly, become entrenched in many places, and even invaded the military.

    As Rav Schach zt”l said years ago (as related by יב”ל R. Yehudah Levin) the toeivah lobby must be opposed in USA because the USA has a great השפעה on EY and things from the USA tend to be imitated/imported there.

    Boruch Hashem, in Eretz Yisroel תועבה relationships are not legitimized as marriage as is the case now in the USA and many Western countries, ר”ל.

    • The toeiva movement is worse in Israel than America. Here are the facts. Of 104 world armies,israel is number nine on the list as being toeiva friendly. France is number ten. America is number 41. Now you will ask why is s Toeiva marriage not legal in Israel as compared to America. Simple. The rabbanut controls all the marriage legalities because it’s their domain. They won’t give it up because of financial reasons. It’s an intense power struggle on issues like kashrus and marriage which brings in the real money keeping them afloat. Otherwise they could not care less. Non of the chareidi city councilmen care if the gays put up their flags around Jerusalem other than the misnachlim fellow Aryeh King. At the nyc Israeli parade the israeli ambassador boasted that 40 per cent of Tel Aviv is Toeiva. The Israeli government along with its tourism agency spend tens of milllions of dollars advertising in Germany the Toeiva telvaviv parade. And despite the fact they know they won’t get more than 5000 German toeiva visitors. They want to show Europe that we Israel are as goyish as you and perhaps a little more. They say they will investigate the lecture forced upon religious soldiers. Did they investigate how they force religious soldiers to listen to female singers. Of course not. It’s all a way to shut up the religious segments. No chareidi should join such a anti Torah army.

  9. how come all there are so many anti toevah people only when it is done by zionists, but not when it is done by Kiryas Joel’s congressman?

    This is an international movement and America is more danger than Israel, we must fight this every where or else we must all move to russia.

    • Because Israel is Eretz Hakodesh, unlike Kiraya Yoel or any other city or country in the world. The Zionists should have created their country in Uganda as per Herzl their mentor’s dream. That’s why this filth parade has to be fought in ISRAEL strongly.

  10. looks he’s a new Soldier, after a few weeks he will not have any problem with that, and even much worse than that, and if you don’t have any problem to serve in the Zionist army you shouldn’t have a problem with that


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