Reform Tweaks Aleinu Prayer


Israel’s Reform movement has decided to wipe out part of Aleinu authored by Yehoshua bin Nun in its upcoming prayer book, particularly the words, “Who did not make us like the nations of the lands,” which they are concerned may be offensive to non-Jews.

The attempt to sanitize the Aleinu prayer is a continuation of their transformation of some of the morning berachos. Shelo asani goy and Shelo asani ishah were altered to read She’asani Yisroel and She’asani betzalmo.



  1. I would add 2 brochos to Shacharis if it were permissible.
    1) ……….Shelo Osani Reform Goy.
    2) ……….Shelo Osani DemocRAT.

    • No need for the first additional brachah. It’s already included in Shelo Osani Goy (as most reform are goyim).

  2. Is this your biggest worry? The Zionists have been doing it for a hundred years. Where’s the outcry about them?
    Besides, you know there are different nusachs for Birkas Hashachar even without the Reform.

  3. First of all the reform only have services on the sabbath and high holidays. They are not going to daily Shul. The reform are mostly non Jews and have nothing to do with authentic Judaism.

  4. “Aleinu” was never in place as a prayer. When I was growing up in the 1960s it was called the “Adoration,” and it never went anywhere near explaining that Israel was unique. So this is a non-story, sorry. I was happily surprised when I first encountered Aleinu in an Orthodox siddur.

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