Reform Judaism Gets 1st Toeivah President


reform-jewsThe Central Conference of American Rabbis, the rabbinical branch of Reform Judaism, has its first openly toeivah president. Denise Eger, who founded Congregation Kol Ami in Los Angeles, will be sworn in on Monday.

“It really shows an arc of LGBT civil rights,” Eger told Seattle PI. “I smile a lot-with a smile of incredulousness.”

Reform Judaism, which has little to do with Judaism or Torah living, has 2,000 “rabbis” and 862 “congregations.”

Hashem yeracheim.

Read more at Seattle PI.



  1. The chofetz Chaim,as is well known,stated that Amalek includes those of jewish extraction

    It is brought down [in two sources] that the egregious evil of Amalek that we are obligated to battle to death,was/is Toi’evah

    We have to loudly opine to the world ,that these people and their supporters have less in common with than coarse gentiles
    (And if there’s to be collateral damage from this ,So be it!)

  2. Yes, we need to “Reis Kria” and immerse in gravely intensive Aveilus at how some of our Jewish brethren have so horrifically descended into such severely severe evil.

  3. Till now we considered this one aspect of their general platform.
    Now it is the front and presentation they intend to stick to their world

  4. #9
    Try that wicked means to diminish the gravity again, will you?

    Or is it the inability or cowardly refusal of your ilk to call evil evil, and obsfucate and whitewash for any who, accidentally ,were born our race ,that keeps us in our currently declining predicament?!

  5. #9
    Tell me what in the Torah is

    chayav sekillah

    3 Chamuros
    Harog v’al ya’avor


    one of the sheva mitzvos


    You’re allowed to kill on the way before the act


    Is never suspended (like murder can be )?!

    Even though she’s female and therefore the above is inapplicable for her gender

    Can you Grasp the PORETZ GEDER?!


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