Reform Blasts Religious Beaches


In response to a complaint of the Reform Center for Religion and State (RCRS), Deputy Attorney General Dina Zilber says that gender-separation at some Israeli beaches is superfluous and discriminatory.

RCRS complained that in Bat Yam and Herzlia, men or women (depending on the daily schedule) were not only restricted from seafront beaches but also from more distant beach areas and promenades. This made it impossible for men/women to pass from one mixed beach to another and city inspectors threatened to fine people who broke the rules.

Ignoring the fact that the areas are also kept separate in order to provide religious Jews with modest access to the sea, Zilber conceded, “This action, which enables the adaptation of certain beaches to the needs of the religious population which wishes to bathe separately, is worthy,” but continued, “As long as the coastal strip is wide enough to make a barrier between the passage between the beaches and the separate bathing area – closing the passage for women or men across the entire coastal strip, even if done by the authority of law, may result in disproportionate harm to freedom of movement and the right to dignity of the genders who are not allowed to cross.”

“It is very good that [deputy Attorney General] Zilber radicalizes her words; this increases and intensifies the absurdity of her rulings,” said Uri Maklev of UTJ. “The Attorney General must take responsibility for those who work beneath her.”

{ Israel News Bureau}


  1. Reform is very bad.

    They did not destroy the mechitza, they hide it under their beds. They have such guilt for the jewish law and practice of Torah judaism that every word you share with them about healthy halacha is a breach of their mind.

    This is the terror of all of our generations. Their clergy is full lie and hate.

    There is no faith in G-d and there is no mind for Torah.

    We must continue to daven against heretics and include the reform in that mindset.

    This can not be a faith and we must reestablish a mechitza in EVERY jewish home of prayer.

    Very bad.

  2. According to their own statistical data, over 50% of so called Reform Jews, aren’t Jewish. Yet, that spurious religious organization demands recognition.

  3. Cinderella was a reform jew. Her slipper was so fierce that the pumpkin ran away from the doom.

    Scary, but if we really want a cinderella story, give us a reform rabbi who repents and becomes a trusted orthodox rabbi. I might actually think he has a book to write.

    Bad faith is bad character. The reform did not find the grade. The buried the soul.

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